Trump in Washington is an original opera project about the 2016 American presidential campaign as seen through the eyes of Donald Trump’s fictional hairstylist. Raffaele is loyal to his boss, but what will happen when he finds himself at risk of losing his job if Trump wins the election?

Cast of Characters
Donald J. Trump (Tenor)
Hillary Rodham Clinton (Soprano)
Raffaele, the hairstylist (Baritone)

Libretto and music by Francis Patrick Ubertelli.

The 2016 presidential election was a pivotal point in American history. It sent shockwaves through every corner of the country and its impacts are being felt, domestically and globally, on a daily basis even years later. Whatever one may think of Donald Trump, his election was a unique moment in history, when an outsider conquered the highest office in the land against all odds, and against Hillary Clinton and a political establishment that was left stupefied.

The conflict between conservatism and liberalism has burst into the open, polarizing society. It is impossible to avoid. An event of such significance can only happen in America, and has to be recorded in America’s cultural landscape. Opera, the most grandiose form of storytelling, will encapsulate the drama — and comedy — of our time and immortalize it for an uncertain future.

Your help is needed to make this opera project a reality!