St. Charbel Makhlouf

Saint Charbel du LibanDuring the sacrifice of the Mass on December 16, 1898, he was struck by hemiplegia and entered in a duel with the illness which lasted for eight days. In his struggle, Father Charbel continued his prayers which he could not finish in the Mass: “Father of righteousness, here is Your Son a pleasing sacrifice!…” he would repeat, as well the names of Jesus & Mary, St. Joseph, and Sts. Peter & Paul, the patron saints of the hermit. The Lord received St. Charbel’s spirit on the 24th of December. He was buried in St Maroun’s Monastery – Annaya, Lebanon.

His corpse, which was perspiring sweat and blood – and still does to this day – was transferred into a special coffin and placed in a new tomb. The oil of St. Charbel healed my back in April 2015, after twenty years of pain from scoliosis, lordosis and two herniated discs.

In gratitude for the healing of my back.