Confutatis Maledictis

Genesis IV, 21 – “And his brother’s name was Jubal: he was the father of them that play upon the harp and the organs”. Music had to be discovered, defined and ordered. If what Jubal introduced had to have been rediscovered after the Deluge then he could not have been considered as the “father” of all whom after him played upon the harp and the organ.

Music means gesture, poetry and discovery, and results in the combination of tones in melody and harmony, the division of time in rhythm and tempo and the distribution of power in dynamics. Melody is to the “reason” (the intellect and the will) what harmony is to the “concupiscible” (the tendency of the sensible appetite to possess a good) and rhythm to the “irascible” (the tendency of the soul toward anger, manifesting itself in five passions: hope, despair, boldness, fear and anger).

Music is used for the transmission of the sacred; hence the ideal of the beauty, and here Mozart was a Dionysian theologian. His music came from above. He was a messenger.

Here is what I consider the most beautiful excerpt of music “caught on film” – “Amadeus” based on Amadeus by Peter Shaffer and directed by Miloš Forman, 1984, around the end of the movie.



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