A Lyrical Interval of Time



“Side Road Swamp – poesia” aka “Lyrical Interval of Time” for flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussions, piano, soprano, narratore, violin and cello, was written for a poem by Karen Lee as part of the Sounds of Silence Initiative. It is based on a particular harmony inspired by Scriabin’s mystic chord and some cognitive “dissonances” using exaggerated emphasis on some of the onomatopoeias in the poem. It is intended to portray an array of dramatic colours in which the full indeterminacy of the poem coexists in a musical determination. The dialectical function of the music can be felt as painting within the immanence of the structure, resulting in an utopian sense of happiness.


Side Road Swamp

where roads are called side or concession

bark arms sway          praise summer sky

dark green glass ripples

frogs     dragonflies     birds unseen

answer roll call

sharp sounds whistle strings in tiny throats

laden creatures bellow

hide in weepy green drapes


curled leaves embrace brown frog

half dipped in swamp

rot of aged earth         floats hot mist

thin tree pins mulch isle in place

what holds me?

no leaf beneath

untethered      living only this

faceless maestro

breath of seen                        unseen

leads silence

fugue of browns        greens

caw           splash        bubble burst

rustle        whistle          ribbit            splash

veiled flight     swoosh     whirl

birds plead      coax        flirt

new friends breathe together as old

red car rests between hot tar and marsh

more intrigue here

than scentless lavender fields

I share poetry

she lives photography

perched on random tree stump

leans precariously

captures curve           line      reflection

of masterpiece through lens

less perfect than her eye


keen sight       ears cocked     pores wide

hold visual soundscapes

later frame in words unequal

to lyrical interval of time inimitable

we laugh         marvel     inhale

with skin

swallow swamp whole


                               karen lee © 2016



All music material © 1996-2017  Francis P Ubertelli.